Sample Itineraries

We are expanding our horizons join us in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
Travel with the ease of one visa to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda on a tri-country visa for $100.00. Pre purchase or at the border.


NEW - Paddle, Bike, Trek ©

Kingfisher Kayaking _DSC3618

Silverback - Volcanoes National Park

Silverback – Volcanoes National Park






Paddle, Bike, Trek ©  – is Intore Expeditions play on a triathlon.  For those that are up for more adventure and movement this is a great expeditions for you.   We will build for you an itinerary that will include Kayaking on Lake Kivu, Biking with a member of the Rwanda Bike team and Trekking Gorillas and or golden Monkeys or both.    For the ambitious  you can do this in as little as five days or make your expeditions longer by either adding more days with each activity or other locations in Rwanda.

Here is our flexible sample itinerary.

Day 0 – Arrive in Kigali
Overnight in Kigali

Day 1- Drive from Kigali after a visit to the Genocide memorial and a city tour
Overnight in Gisenyi/ Rubavu
Relax and prepare for your mornings paddle.

Day 2 – Morning paddle.  (this activity is currently limited to three at a time)
Depending on how ambitious you are and the cooperation of the weather you can be on the lake for as little as one or two hours or the full day.
Change lodging to the Mountains closer to Volcanoes National Park

Day 3 – Bike with a Rwanda National Team member
Today you will be lead on a bike tour by a member of Team Rwanda Cycling, the National bike team of Rwanda.
No change in lodging.

Day 4 – Gorilla or Golden Monkey trek
This is for many a once in a life time event. Seeing such endangered primates in their natural habitat is spectacular.  After your trek you will have the option to visit the local cultural village Iby’Iwacu and then return to Kigali.

You may catch a flight this day if you have a late evening departure. If not see day 5.

Day 5 – See more of Kigali and prepare for your departure flight.

SHORT VERSION – a longer version of this expedition can be made by adding days to each activity. For example you may opt for one day of paddling, two or three on the bike,  a gorilla trek or two and a or a golden monkey trek – or even feel like climbing Mt. Bisoki.  Please let us know your preferences and number of days.

This itinerary is not available in November due to the Tour of Rwanda International bike race.

*This for some can be a strenuous expedition. The altitude can be a challenge for some.  Biking and treking will beginning at about 8-9000 feet above sea-level.


We are excited to announce our newest tour that allows you to visit both Kenya’s Massai Mara and Remarkable Rwanda.   This itinerary can begin or end with either country and can be expanded for those that would like to do more.  Great for couples, honeymoons and small groups up to six.

Day 1: Arrive in Nairobi city tour and overnight.
Day 2: Early morning departure for the Massaii Marra – game drive
Day 3: Full day Safari
Day 4: Full day Safari
Day 5: Full day Safari
Day 6: Morning game drive. Transit to Kigali
Day 7: City Tour and visit to Gisozi Genocide Memorial, drive to Musanze.
Day 8: Early morning Gorilla Trek – afternoon visit to the local cultural village.
Day 9: Early morning Golden Monkey trek.  Drive to Lake Kivu, Gisenyi town
Day 10: Second Gorilla trek.
Day 11: Early morning Kayaking, lunch in Gisenyi and return to Kigali.
(For all kayaking tours the group size is currently limited to three participants)

Itinerary includes – All ground transportation in both Kenya and Rwanda, All lodging, All meals, All park entry fees and gorilla/ golden monkey permits, and Kayaking, Drinking water,  Emergency evacuation.

Itinerary does not include:  International flights to and from Africa or between Rwanda and Kenya, travel insurance, tips, personal spending, alcohol, Entry visa’s for either Rwanda or Kenya.

Please note that there is now three country agreement with Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for one visa that allows you to visit all three countries.

One Gorilla or Golden Monkey Expedition - Day trips

Silverback - Volcanoes National Park

Silverback – Volcanoes National ParkONE DAY GORILLA TREK

This is one-day trek leaves Kigali at 4AM to arrive at the Volcanoes National Park offices by 7 AM.   You will trek gorilla to your assigned gorilla family and return to Musanze for lunch and visit to the, Iby’iwacu, the local cultural village.  Typical return time to Kigali is betweens 3 and 5 PM.
Prices for two to four in a private vehicle.  Larger groups may enjoy a discounted rate.  Includes vehicle, driver, Gorilla permit ($1500 USD each),  water and entry to the Iby’ iwacu cultural village.
Prices subject to change without notice.


Guest with Golden monkey - Volcanoes National Park

Guest with Golden monkey – Volcanoes National ParkONE DAY GOLDEN MONKEY TREK

This is one day trek leaves Kigali at 4AM to arrive at the Volcanoes National Park offices by 7 AM.   You will trek golden monkey and return to Musanze for lunch and visit to the, Iby’iwacu, the local cultural village.

Prices begin at $310 USD (per pax) for two in a private vehicle.  Larger groups may enjoy a discounted rate.  Includes vehicle, driver, Golden Monkey Permit,  water and entry to the Iby’ iwacu cultural village.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Two Trek Expeditions: 1 gorilla treks or 1 Gorilla &1 Golden Monkey - Overnight trip


Four Day Expeditions

OPTION #1 Two gorilla treks

Day 1: Pick up in Kigali and drive to Musanze town/ Ruhengeri.
Day 2: Early morning Gorilla Trek – afternoon visit to the local cultural village.
Day 3: Early morning for second Gorilla trek.  Return to Kigali
Day 4: City tour and/or visit to community-based projects before transfer to airport.

Expeditions are booked with a private vehicle for one to four participants.  Larger groups can be accommodated in a larger vehicle or multiple vehicles.
Includes private vehicle, driver, Gorilla permits ($1500 USD each), Overnight accommodations in Kigali 1 night and 2 nights in the Gorilla Mountain View Lodge,  water and entry to the Iby’ iwacu cultural village. Meals included are Breakfast and dinner – Alcohol is not included.


Day 1: Pick up in Kigali and drive to Musanze town/ Ruhengeri.
Day 2: Early morning Gorilla Trek – afternoon visit to the local cultural village.
Day 3: Early morning Golden Monkey trek.  Drive to Lake Kivu, Gisenyi town
Day 4: Early morning Kayaking, lunch in Gisenyi and return to Kigali.
(For all kayaking tours the group size is currently limited to three participants)

Includes Private vehicle, driver, Gorilla permits ($750 USD each), Golden monkey permits, Overnight accommodations in Kigali 1 night and 1 night in the Gorilla Mountain View Lodge, 1 night at Hakan Matata Lodge,  water and entry to the Iby’ iwacu cultural village. Includes-vehicle, driver, Gorilla permits ($750 USD each), Overnight accommodations in Kigali 1 night and 2 nights in the Gorilla Mountain View Lodge,  water and entry to the Iby’ iwacu cultural village. Meals included are Breakfast and dinner – Alcohol is not included.

Rwanda National Parks tour - Akagera, Nyungwe and Volcanoes

Our Rwanda National Park Tour will allow you to see the whole of Rwanda and experience each individual National Park.  Either we can design the tour for you or you can pick which activities you would like.  This tour is best with a minimum of 12 days in Rwanda.

Lioness - Akagera National Park

Lioness – Akagera National Park

Isumo Waterfall - Nyungwe NP

Isumo Waterfall – Nyungwe NP

Silverback - Volcanoes National Park

Silverback – Volcanoes National Park






Three Park Tour sample itinerary – alterations possible. This 16 day option can be done in as little as 11 days.  Fewer days would be quit rushed.

Day 1: Arrive Kigali International Airport

Day 2-3:
Kigali – Gisozi Genocide museum and city tour

Day 4:
Agahozo Shalom Youth village
2 nights in Akagera – Ruzizi tent camp

Boat ride & Night game drive. The first day will be in the lower park and the second day up in the northern part of the park. We don’t think it is worth the drive down and back twice. This is why we usually do one night.

Day 5: Akagera
Safari in the northern part of Akagera as mentioned above

Drive back to Ruzizi tented camp

What to wear in Akagera – we suggest any color besides blues and black.  Safari colors are best. The flies seem to really enjoy blue and black, who knew they were not color blind. I have noticed a difference and this is one place I do use repellent, nothing dangerous just annoying.

Day 6:
Drive back to Kigali from Akagera National Park.

Day 7:
Nyungwe Forest lodge

Nyungwe is a six-hour drive from Kigali and it becomes an all day event when you add in the stops for the National Museum and Kings Palace.
If time permits we do the canopy walk this day. If not we move it to the next day.

Day 8:

All activities in the park start by 8AM.  The waterfall hike leaves from the lodge so we don’t have to get in the car. Paul will go to the offices and pick up the guide.  They say this is a 4-hour hike but we took 4.5.  It is steep but mostly we all took a lot of photos.  We were alone so it was easy to really take the time we wanted.

Lunch at the lodge

After lunch we trek to see the Colobus monkey.  We do sometimes get in the car to go to the head of the trail.

Back to relax – download photos, pool if time allows, nap and dinner.

Day 9: Nyungwe
If we did not get the canopy walk in on the first day we do it today.  Or we can do a birding hike too. Maybe a visit to the tea plantation.
Drive time to Kibuye on the new road about 4 hours.

Day 10:
Kibuye Cormoran
No driving to speak of Kibuye is a place we can take out kayaks and or hire a boat for a tour of the lake. It is a sleepy town with lots of fishing boats and islands.

This can also be an easy late afternoon.  A nice mid stopping point

Day 11:
Kibuye Cormoran
Drive from Kibuye to the mountains. This is a scenic windy road about 5 hours.
Leave at our leisure.

Day 12:
 Musanze Gorilla
 Big Day- The next three mornings will follow the same time line.

6AM breakfast with a 6:30 departure from the hotel.   We must be at the park offices BY 7AM.    This is where all the guides and drivers divide the trekkers into groups of eight or fewer.  (GM is the exception – the group size is unlimited)   Once Paul knows which family you will visit you will be briefed with those people.  From there we get back in the car and head to the trailhead.

There you will pick up a porter and a walking stick if you want one.  The porters are great they carry everything for you and will literally hold your hand ever step of the way, if you want them.  The porters are most often men that were once poachers. This job offers them work so that they no longer have to poach and has been a very successful program from the government.    We usually pay them about 5000 RWF per person per day and the guides and rangers about 10,000 RWF.  They make sure everyone has a successful trek.

We never know where the Gorilla’s will be but we will be sure to tell them you knee is funny so you don’t have to trek 4 hours and keep you closer. The elevation can be steep and at time heavy with brush. We suggest rain pants and jacket to avoid being irritated by such plants.  We have lots of garden gloves here.    Bring shoes with good traction – Jeff had waterproof but not great bottoms.  For example my trail runners were less slippery.  But we are hoping for NO rain.

Once you find the gorilla’s you will have exactly 60 minutes to watch and photograph them.  Every time is unique and unlike any other time. You have no idea if they will be sleepy, eating, playful or good posers.  Try to watch a little and not just through the lens. I know it is really hard.  But they are damn amazing and often funny.

We will also have our backpacks with camera’s first aid, water and snacks.

Day 13:
 Golden Monkey Trek

 Day 14:
 Gorilla Trek

 Day 15:
Gisenyi Serena – move to after the treks
This worked as a last day out of Kigali nicely.  The hotel is nicer with tubs and the beach.   A good regrouping spot and you can walk through town and see the border to DRC if you like.

Day 16:
Kigali – Home 


Rwanda Insight Tour – minimum six participants

Rwanda Insight Study Trip

The Rwanda Insight Tour is a tour designed for educators and those that are interested in knowing more about the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and how Rwanda is dealing with reconciliation and rebuilding. The tour was designed in conjunction with Seattle’s, Holocaust Center for Humanity, based in Seattle, Washington.  Recommended for over 18.

$2950 land only – based on double occupancy.
price is subject to change without notice. 

Note that some destinations may be change in the order in which we visit them and or changed entirely for other opportunities, which we feel, will provide a better understanding of Rwanda today.

Day 1
Arrive in Kigali — Exchange money and settle in.

Day 2
We will begin by visiting the Gisozi Genocide Memorial. This memorial will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the 1994 and the history, which lead up to it. After lunch we will see the Belgium memorial for another glimpse at what was happening on the ground in Kigali 1994. We will end our touring time at the first public library in Rwanda. The Kigali Public Library took nearly a decade to build and open. Its official opening was in the summer of 2012, with its ribbon cutting ceremony on October 5th, 2012.

Day 3
We will spend most of the day at Agahozo-Shalom Youth Village. This village was modeled after the Yemen Orde Youth Village in Israel. Not only will we see this great project in action, we will also share lunch with over 500 students and staff. You are encouraged to sit and speak with them over a typical Rwandan school lunch. After lunch, we will visit with the village’s hospitality and/or environment club and walk along their nature park path.

Day 4
Today will be one of our longest travel days. We will leave Kigali early in the morning and drive to Murambi Memorial. This is one of the most poignant and visually explicit memorials in Rwanda. Like the Gisozi memorial in Kigali, it was designed by the Aegis trust. After our visit to Murambi, we will stop at the National Museum of Rwanda. If time allows, we will also stop by Nyanza ancient lifestyles of Rwanda, as well as the Palace from the 1950s. Upon arrival back in Kigali.

Day 5
We will meet with the Rwanda Genocide Commission. This is a wonderful opportunity to ask questions. We will later travel just outside of Kigali, where we will visit three memorials: Jardin Du Memory, Nyamata, and Ntarama. These are key to understanding the reach of the 1994 Genocide. Before returning to Kigali, our final stop will be to the Miracle Corners Community Center. This center has been built with the guidance and vision of survivor, Jacqueline Murektete.

Day 6
As an outcome of the genocide, there are many projects that are aimed to help Rwanda and its citizens. Today, we will visit a Batwa village that has been transforming their way of life with help from Seattle. The Batwa are also known as the pygmies of Rwanda and are by far the most marginalized group of Rwandans. Tonight’s dinner will be on your own.

We hope we will be able to add in to this years visit a stop at Gardens for Health. This is a fantastic program that is changing the lives and health of children and aiding it the reduction of childhood malnutrition.

We will also visit the home of the former President Habyarimana. This is a more recent addition of sights to see in Kigali.  Just over the side of the compound walls you will see the engines of the plane he was in when it crashed.

Day 7 — Saturday – This will only happen if your group is in Rwanda on the last Saturday of a month.
Umuganda — Contribution Day — Location to be determined. Today we will donate our time to help clear and clean the grounds of a selected community area. This can be dirty work but is a wonderful way to engage with and support the local community. We will have lunch, followed by the drive to Akagera National Park. This will be our one night as a group out of Kigali. For those who want time to relax poolside, we should have time. Others may wish to add an additional expedition of a nighttime game drive.

Day 8 Have you ever wondered how all those animals get along and support the whole system together? Today, you will have the change to see the amazing cooperative nature of animals and plants sustaining each other in Rwanda’s one and only Savannah Park. You will see zebra, giraffe, cape buffalo, topi, and maybe an elephant or two! Rwanda, however, is not home to lions or rhinos. It may be possible, if there is group consensus, to also take a boat tour on Lake Ihema to see crocodile. This is a long day.

Day 9 A Look at NGO work — We will visit some of our preferred NGO projects in Kigali, one of which is the global project, Women for Women. We-Actx is a small NGO based in Rwanda, which was designed specifically for women who are HIV+. They have started a small cooperative of sewers called Ineza. Here, you will be able to see women at work and purchase their many creatively designed bags and crafts. Finally, we will meet with the women running the Gardens for Health project. This project was designed for Rwanda and those who suffer from HIV. Their premise is to help survivors to feed themselves with a healthier diet, which in turn gives them better health so that the HIV cocktail may be better tolerated. These projects will also give you an opportunity to purchase local crafts, such as bags, baskets, and pa- per beads. All proceeds support the individual projects.

Day 10 Meeting with the Aegis trust and the education department.  This will be our final meeting to discuss with Rwandan educators and those that teach about genocide to reflect on your impressions and learning. 

Day 11
Final shopping, sightseeing or down time.

Photographers ONLY tours

Photographing gorillas - Volcanoes National Park

Photographing gorillas – Volcanoes National Park

Photographer only tours can be anyone of our tours taken at a photographer’s pace. We understand the desire to wait just a bit longer for the perfect shot.   Our goal is to give any level of photographer access to the natural beauty and wonder of Rwanda.  Please let us know if you are a photographer and would like this pace.

Recommended tours for photographers range from day trips to  Akagera National Park Safaris, Gorilla and or Golden Monkey treks or take your time and see the whole country and all three national parks.

*At this time we do not offer specific dates for Photo tours but welcome your inquiry for dates and groups.  We suggest that group no larger than eight participants.  Four participants per car.

Birder Delight


African Fish Eagle - Akagera National Park

African Fish Eagle – Akagera National Park

African Grey Hornbill - Akagera National Park

African Grey Hornbill – Akagera National Park

Lilac Breasted Roller

Lilac Breasted Roller







Over the years, we have learned that most everyone wants something just a little different.  We encourage you to let us know exactly what your interests are and we will design an expedition just for you and your group.   Please look at some of the already designed itineraries for ideas and let us know how you would like to spend our time in Rwanda.

Roan - Akagera National Park

Roan – Akagera National Park

Kayaking on Lake Kivu – Gisenyi or Kibuye

Silverback - Volcanoes National Park

Silverback – Volcanoes National Park


Akagera NP – Game drive Lake Ihema boat ride morning – afternoon or sunset, night game drive, behind the scenes tour, Grey-crowned crane rehabilitation project, walk the line hike, local community tours – beekeeping and honey making, banana beer making, local tin artisans.

Canopy walk - Nyungwe National Park

Canopy walk – Nyungwe NP

Nyungwe National Park
Colobus monkey trek, Canopy walk, chimpanzee trek, Bird watching, Isumo (waterfall) Hike, Source of the Nile trail, Congo-Nile trail, Gisukura Tea Factory tour.
Ther hikes in Nyungwe range from easy to difficult.  Because of the great distance from Kigali, some try to complete two activities in a day.


Volcanoes National Park
Gorilla trekking, Golden Monkey Trekking,  Dian Fossey memorial trek,  Mt. Bisoki trek, Caving, Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village, Bird watching, other mountain hikes.

Lake Kivu – Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cynagugu
Relaxing,  boat rides ranging from local boat tours to Kayaking with KingFisher Journeys and a new houseboat for the day or overnight excursions. Arrangements can also be made to go out to watch the fishermen depart for the night.

Alternate transportation
Though Rwanda is a small country the drive times can be long.  Some of our guests choose to either take a small plane when going to Nyungwe via RwandAir.  Others like to arrive other distant locations via Akagera Aviation helicopter.  We are happy to discuss any of these alternative options with you.

Lake Kivu and Kayaking

Lake Kivu is a large and beautiful lake that has three wonderful points of entry from the top of the county to the bottom.  Gisenyi, which borders Goma and the DRC.  Kibuye, which is in the middle of the lake as wonderful places to relax.  Cyangugu, which also borders the DRC at the bottom of the country.  Cyangugu has a small airport which makes getting to the Nyungwe forest quicker then the six to eight hour drive.  With a lovely stop overnight there one can drive to the Nyungwe National Park in about two hours.

Lake Kivu Fishermen - Kibuye

Lake Kivu Fishermen – Kibuye

Lake Kivu

Lake Kivu

Sunset in Gisenyi

Sunset in Gisenyi






What to expect on the day you trek

Many people want to know just what to expect when they are preparing to gorilla or golden monkey trek.

Depending on where you start your day can start as early as 4:30 AM with a departure from Kigali and then a two and half hour drive to the Volcanoes National Park offices.    If you choose to stay overnight in the mountains you will be picked up by your driver by 6:30AM from most lodges in Musanze and driven to the Volcanoes National Park Offices.  All participants are expected to reach the park office NO later then 7AM.

Once you reach the park offices you will have an opportunity to have a cup of tea or coffee, enjoy a short Intore Dance presentation and use the bathrooms.  During this time your driver will meet with the other drivers and the park warden to divide all the participants into groups of eight.  (Groups that arrive with eight or more will be divided)  This process can take up to an hour, please be patient.

When the groups have been organized you will meet with the park ranger and the other participants that will be with you on your trek.  You will have a small briefing about the family you will visit and about how to behave around the gorillas or golden monkeys.  After the briefing you will return to your car and drive to the trailhead where you will begin your trek.  At this point you will also have access to walking sticks and to hire porters to either carry your pack and or to help you with the trek.  This is a great opportunity to give a community member a job for the day, though not required)


Your trek will usually take you through the fields of  farmers and local community then over the park wall and into the park.  This is when most people feel they are getting close.   Though don’t be fooled.  You may luck out and find the gorillas within a short period of time or you may need to trek far.

From the first sighting the park rangers will let you know that your time has begun and you will be given sixty minutes to observe, photograph and be amazed with these amazing animals in their homes.   As a photographer I know the temptation to just shoot, shoot, shoot.  But take some time away from the camera and just observe, it is spectacular and the images in your mind will last forever.

At the completion of your trek you will return to your car.

We hope you have a wonderful trek and this has helped you to imagine your day.

*Please note that all treks in the national park begin at an elevation of about 8-9000 feet about sea level.  For some the altitude can be difficult. 

Other things to do in Rwanda

Tennis or Golf
If you are in Kigali on business and need a bit of exercise you may like to play a bit of tennis or golf. If you have left your gear at home that is not a problem. We can arrange either for you.  There are two tennis clubs in the city and one very nice new golf course, the Kigali Golf Club.

Art Galleries
Inema Art Center

Visit the Rwanda Stock Exchange, RSE.

Coffee and or tea tours.  There are some nearby coffee farms and washing stations that are available to visit.  There is one tea factory close to Kigali and The Gisukura Tea Factory in Nyungwe National Park.

Memorials and Museums

Memorials are an important part of Rwanda.  Not only does it help Rwandans have a place to go to to remember but it also gives you our guest a place to learn.  Intore believes that the memorials are an important part of every visit. It help you to understand the history of Rwanda and the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and give you a window to look through to see the amazing progress this country has made in 22 years.  We understand that these are not easy visits and that for some it may be too much.  However, we do encourage you to do what you can to be witness to the tragedy, reconciliation and rebuilding.

Some of the most popular and close to Kigali are  memorials are: Gisozi Memorial, Belgian Memorial/Camp Kigali, Nyamata, Ntarama.  Outside of Kigali is Murambi, Kibuye Church and more.

There are several museums in Rwanda.  In Kigali there is the Kandt Museum and the Presidential Palace of Habirymana.  At the house of Presidental Palace you can see his home and also where the plane landed of April 7th, 1994.

Outside of Kigali in the town or Huye you can visit the National Ethongraphic Museum and Nyanza- Presidents Palace.  At Nyanza you can see the 1950’s home of of the King as well as a replica of one the Kings ancient style home and a royal cattle collection.