Kids to the Parks – Rwanda


Fund a field trip for Rawandan youth


Kids to the parks – Rwanda is a program brought to life by Intore Expeditions.  Several years ago we were approached by a Rwandan organization to take their students to Akagera National Park.   We were happy to do so and agreed with the organization that we would share the cost of the safari.  This sparked our energy to find a way to take other youth groups to Akagera.   We knew then what we know now, by giving Rwandan youth an opportunity to see the beauty of their own country, it might inspire one or more of them to engage in conservation or work with the parks. We believe our program can change lives by allowing the kids to see nature in a way that they may never have had access too.   Our hope, ultimately, is that some of the youth through our Kids to the Parks – Rwanda program will see a future path for themselves in tourism, conservation, or guiding.    Pride in the beautiful place they are entrusted with.

Like many programs, we started with a bang, which quickly slowed.  We were disheartened but not surprised.  Like many other programs in Rwanda, the work can be hard to maintain without a full time person to keep the momentum going.  Regardless, each year we have continued to produce our beautiful calendar while keeping our fingers crossed that we would be found.  It is a labor of love and one we keep working on to keep our dream for the kids alive.

This year took a more realistic look at our program and realized that the cost of printing, shipping, and marketing was just not paying off and finding groups that would commit to sending their students on our park expeditions was also a challenge. We were heart broken, but decided to suspend our program.

Of course, then things miraculously did a 180-degree turn, like magic, out of the blue, within 48 hours of making the decision to no longer print the calendars and stop searching for groups, two interested and unrelated inquiries came asking us to take their students to Akagera.  One group is a school outside of Kigali (in Nyamata) being engaged by a middle school in Seattle.  The other was a request from, Mindleaps, a program that teaches street boys to dance and how to use computers.  The total number of Rwanda youth that would take part annually would be near 70.  How could we say no?

Paul and I were brought to tears by their interest and enthusiasm, in part because Intore believes that Rwanda’s youth is a transformative generation, and deserves such access to learn and become inspired by what their county has to offer.  We had to move fast and create a new means of fundraising.   Realizing we could no longer just hope that people would find out about the program and purchase one or two calendars, we got proactive and FAST.

The revitalization of Kids to the Parks – Rwanda would not have been possible without cash commitments and pre-sales of the calendar.  Our two-week campaign asked organizations and individuals to commitment to help sell the calendars or give cash donations, with a minimum goal of $7500 and or 300 calendars. Through the campaign we were able to get 88% of the calendars pre-sold and cash donations that will cover the basic costs of printing, shipping and three field trips for about 20 kids each.

Though the two-week crunch campaign is over, contributions and orders for calendars to further our program are welcome. We wish to increase the number of youth that we are able to take to the park.  In keeping with the theme of the Akagera National park, there are six donation tiers honouring the Akagera and the return of the lions.  We are printing a small number of additional calendars for individual sale, once they are gone they are gone until next year.   We hope that you will consider being a part of the Intore team to get Kids to the Parks – Rwanda.


Park Guide – Individuals, schools or organizations that commit to a minimum $715 donation. 

Lion Pride – Individuals, schools or organizations that commit a minimum $500 donation.

Zebra Zeal – Individuals, schools or organizations that commit to a $250 – $499 donation.

Elephant Parade – Individuals, schools or organizations that commit to a $100 – $249 donation.

Giraffe Tower – Individuals, schools or organizations that commit to a $50 – $99 donation.

Vervet Troop – Individuals, schools or organizations that commit to a donation of up to $49.


Cash donations can be made easily via this link

Or you can mail your donation to Intore Expeditions 3970 Evanston Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103

At this time we cannot offer tax deductions as Intore Expeditions is a for profit company.  We hope that will changes as we are now looking for an umbrella non-profit organization to adopt the Kids to the Parks – Rwanda program.  Until then, we have come up an alternative opportunity offering donation levels for you to help our, Kids to the Parks – Rwanda program.  Each level is named as Park ranger or as an animal and their group name.  Join our team and become a supporter of Kids to the Parks – Rwanda

2016 is shaping up to be a transformative year for Intore Expeditions and one that will really make a difference for our Kids to the Parks – Rwanda program.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you for thoughtful your support.


Murakoze Cyane – Thank you very much

Shelly Anne Rosen & Paul Karemera

Intore Expeditions & Business Tours – Owners

** Intore expeditions is a for profit business. At this point we cannot give you back the gift of a tax deduction. Thank you for your donation it does make a difference.