Jewish in Seattle and Rwanda

Photo credit - © Meryl Solonsky Alcabes 2015

© Meryl Solonsky Alcabes 2015

March 2016
Shelly was recently interviewed for Seattle’s bi-monthly magazine Jewish in Seattle, read the snippet here.

There is now a Jewish in Rwanda, facebook page for those interested in the small Jewish community in Rwanda.



Intore Gives Back   

Kids to the Park - Akagera Team buildingOctober 28, 2015
Several years ago we were approached by a Rwandan organization to take their students to Akagera National Park.   We were happy to do so and agreed with the organization that we would share the cost of the safari.

This sparked our energy to find a way to take other youth groups to Akagera.   We knew then what we know now, by giving Rwandan youth an opportunity to see the beauty of their own country, it might inspire one or more of them to engage in conservation or work with the parks. Read on… 

 How a Popsicle stick got me to Rwanda

Shelly RosenFebruary 23, 2013
Over the years I have been asked why Rwanda and what is it that draws me to a place that is usually referenced in peoples’ minds by genocide and the mountain gorillas. So here is a bit of how the my story and journey to Rwanda began.

The story begins in 2005 when my son William was a fifth grader in the Seattle Public schools. His assignment was to write a 12 page report on the country African country of his choice. Read on… 


Fall 2011 Shelly, makes Antioch University – Seattle news: Rwanda: Storytelling and Cross-cultural Communication                                                                                                                                        Shelly Anne Rosen is a graduate student in C3’s master’s in communication degree. She owns and operates Intore Expeditions, a community-based tour company in Rwanda, with her partner Paul Karemera. Intore Expeditions’ mission is to help expand the tourism industry in a manner that is meaningful and sustainable for both visitors and Rwanda. read more here